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Chuck Brock, Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Jupiter, Florida

Chuck joined G4S after he retired from the United States Army in 1998.  The transition from the Army to G4S was in Chuck’s opinion “seamless … the values the Army stands for are very similar to those of G4S.”

Chuck began his G4S career as a Custom Protection Officer in Richmond, Virginia, with a large credit card processing company. He was promoted to Site Supervisor quickly and remained in that role for about six months and then managed human resources and training at the local office.

In 1999, Chuck moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where G4S provided security for a large computer manufacturer. In 2000, he moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, as a Project Manager for an even larger computer manufacturing plant. In 2001, Chuck was promoted to General Manager for the G4S office in Charlotte where he was in charge of developing the area.

In 2004, Chuck returned to Richmond, Virginia,  as Office Manager in charge of developing the territory and helping others to succeed. In 2006, Chuck was promoted to Vice President of Strategic Accounts at G4S’ South Florida headquarters, and in 2014 Chuck was promoted to Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts further reinforcing the importance of key strategic accounts to the growth of G4S in North America.

Chuck’s main focus is to build customer relations, to find out what the client’s needs are and to make sure they are being met.

“As a G4S employee you can easily understand the vision and strategy that guides us. The role you play in making sure we can achieve our goals is explained to you very clearly,” he said. Chuck is excited about the growth G4S has experienced and about how G4S is changing the security industry.

The best advice Chuck can offer to anyone looking to succeed with G4S is to “be open and be flexible … be willing to move and don’t be afraid to take on a new challenge.” The only limits you will find in this company are, “The limits of your own imagination,” according to Chuck.