Susanne Jorgensen, Regional Chief Financial Officer, Jupiter, Florida.

Susanne Jorgensen, Regional Chief Financial Officer, Jupiter, Florida

Susanne Jorgensen has a master’s degree in economics from her native Denmark. Her first job was in the finance department of a large shipyard. From there, Susanne worked for a Denmark-based telecommunications company. Through this work she was hired by a global telecommunications company. Susanne worked with this company in the Netherlands; her work eventually took her out to Hong Kong.

From there, she went to Belgium as the Regional Treasurer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. At that time, Susanne had her second daughter, and after coming back from her maternity leave, she Joined G4S.

Susanne began working with  G4S in 1998. In 2004, she came to the United States, and in 2007 became the CFO for the North American Region. In late 20 10, she became CFO for the Americas Region.

In her current role, Susanne works with Regional CEO Grahame Gibson to implement strategy, manage the region’s finances, profit and cash flow management, and oversee organic growth. She is also involved in mergers and acquisitions.

“It’s a global company. I have colleagues all over the world … G4S has a very informal culture and everyone is very welcoming wherever I go,” she said. “There is a lot of opportunity here at G4S … I love the team in the North America and Latin America.”

The best advice Susanne can offer anyone looking to join G4S is to: “Come in with an open mind. Be willing to learn a new industry and build relationships with the people you work with.”