Cathy Ross, Senior Director of Operations for Strategic Accounts, Jupiter, Florida

Cathy Ross, Senior Director of Operations for Strategic Accounts, Jupiter, Florida

Cathy started with G4S in 1988 in a sales position in the Tampa office. In 1989, she came to the corporate office then located in Coral Gables, Florida, as part of a manager training program. In 1991, Cathy got promoted to Manager of Operations. As a Manager of Operations, she was responsible to conduct operational reviews of field offices throughout the United States, which included meeting with clients, staff and officers to ensure that the company was providing the services in compliance with our contracts and were satisfied with the overall performance.

In 1992, she was promoted to Director of Operations. She was in charge of maintaining our existing accounts, and to ensuring all new contracts were started in compliance with our contracts. This included overseeing large, multi-site and multi-state transitions. Cathy traveled extensively with transition teams to coordinate all transition activities, including corporate and local client visits, hiring both incumbent and new security personnel and ensuring that all contractual obligations were met prior to successfully transitioning the new work.

In 1996, Cathy became the Vice-President of Operations for the domestic operations group. This was an operations role that put her in charge of some of our most important clients in the United States. In 2002, Cathy left the company to pursue a different opportunity in the Northeast.

In 2010, Cathy decided to move back to Florida and G4S was her first choice as an employer. Today Cathy is the Senior Director of Operations for Strategic Accounts, where she is in charge of many large and diverse customer accounts. Her main priority is to make sure that we are doing everything we can as an organization to keep our customers satisfied and to help them fulfill all their security needs sometimes across different countries.

“What I like most about G4S in our global footprint … We can help our customers with security no matter where they are,” Cathy said, adding, “I like the people I work with at G4S. We are a great team and everyone is ready to do their part.”

The best advice Cathy can offer to someone looking to be successful with G4S is to “learn as much as you can in your current role, but also learn from those around you, when the opportunity comes to move up you will be ready.”