Danny Grizzard, Chief Operating Officer. Jupiter, Florida.

Danny Grizzard, Chief Operating Officer, Jupiter, Florida

Danny has been with G4S since 1993. He started as a Supervisor after graduating from the University of Memphis with an accounting degree. In 1994, Danny  enrolled in the manager in training program with the Miami office. Danny moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1995 to become the Manager of Operations. In 1997, he was promoted to General Manager in Austin, Texas, where he stayed for seven years.

In 2004, Danny became the Regional Vice President and remained in that role until 2009, when he became Senior Vice-President of Operations. In 2010, Danny was promoted to his current role as Chief Operating Officer; as such, he is in charge of operations as well as sales and marketing for G4S Secure Solutions (USA).

“Every day here is different … one day you could be traveling, meeting with clients and other employees, the next you are planning how to make our business better,” he said.  “I enjoy the challenge this job provides me … it’s always evolving.”

The best advice Danny would give to anyone looking to be successful with G4S is simple, “Take on the most difficult assignments you can find and don’t be afraid to move to different places … people will remember you this way.”