Adam Boynton, Bank Captain, Boston, Massachusetts.

Adam Boynton, Bank Captain, Boston, Massachusetts

Adam is originally from Windsor, Maine. He served in the Army National Guard from 1994 to 2002 as a Communications Specialist.

Adam worked as Corrections Officer for Lincoln County, Maine, from 1996 to 2000 where he was in charge of the intake of all inmates, processing and supervision. Adam worked for other security companies as a Sergeant on mobile patrol. He decided to stay with G4S when G4S won the contract where he worked.

Adam has been working with G4S since 2004 as a Bank Protection Officer where he is responsible for security and access control to specific branches in the Massachusetts region. Adam was recently promoted to Bank Captain. He is in charge of the Security Officers assigned to the account, and to ensure the security needs of the client are being met. He also participates actively in the training process.

“I like the fact that his job is not in a desk, but out in field in contact with other officers and the client,” he said.