Loren Garner, Transportation Officer, Sacramento, California.

Loren Garner, Transportation Officer, Sacramento, California

Loren was born and raised in Sacramento, California. An extraordinary individual, Loren was born with a condition called amniotic band syndrome, which caused his left foot to develop improperly while on the womb. His left foot had to be amputated when we was only a couple of months old.

Loren has never felt that his disability held him back in his work with G4S. He has climbed through several different ranks in the organization and has a challenging role.  “Loren is a great officer and an example to all us,” according to his superiors and fellow officers.

Prior to joining G4S, Loren worked for a different security company where he got a lot of experience and was promoted to the rank of Captain. Loren had always heard good things about G4S, and decided to apply for a career opportunity after speaking to a G4S Bank Protection Officer in 2006.

Loren started as a Transport Security Officer with a public transit account in Sacramento. He adapted quickly to the needs of this account, and through his dedication and hard work was promoted to Sergeant after only six months. As a Sergeant, he was in charge of more than 200 officers, which required him to visit several posts assigned to the public transit account.

In 2008, Loren was promoted to Capitan for the public transit account, where he helped improve the training program for the other security officers. This effort helped increase the level of satisfaction from the client.

After this, Loren became an Area Supervisor for the Sacramento office, which put him in charge of 30 smaller accounts. He was tasked with making sure the security needs of many diverse clients were being met.

In 2011, Loren was asked to support the introduction of our state-of-the-art security device Secure Trax® into a large banking account. Loren’s responsibility was to make sure all officers assigned to this account were trained in how to use the device and any troubleshooting issues they might have.

By late 2011, Loren decided to start a new role as a transportation officer. In this role, he is in charge of transporting detainees from different local prisons to meet with law enforcement authorities in other detention facilities or local courts.

“I like working for G4S because it’s a large company with a lot of resources. I see a lot of opportunities to advance in here … I have always been treated fairly at G4S, ”Loren said.