Carmen Murrel Randal, Director of Field Training Services. Jupiter, Florida. Carmen Murrell Randall, Vice President, Training and Development , Jupiter, Florida In 2008, Carmen retired from the United States Army as a First Sergeant. While in the Army, she received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s in Strategic Leadership. After retiring, she applied for a job with G4S and became the Manager of Field Training Services. In her own words, “The transition from the Army to a private security company has been pretty smooth.” The skills, education and training she received in the Army have helped her not only to get hired with G4S, but to be successful in her position. As the Vice President, Training and Development , Carmen is responsible for creating, implementing and reporting on our many training programs. These programs are designed to help our employees succeed in their careers. “I like G4S because of the flexibility and for the values the company stands for,” she said.