Custom Protection Officer, Brian Polanco. G4S Security Officer of the Year 2015. Honolulu, Hawaii.

Custom Protection Officer, Brian Polanco. G4S Security Officer of the Year 2014. Honolulu, Hawaii.

Brian is originally from Honolulu and before he joining G4S, Brian was a sushi chef and a semi-professional skateboarder. Several of Brian’s friends were working for G4S at the time, and recommended that he applied. Brian submitted his application, and started working right away.

Brian started as a Security Officer in downtown Honolulu in 2012, from there Brian was transferred to a luxury hotel in the area. His main duties include patrolling the hotel, and assisting guests as required. Brian was quickly promoted, and he is currently in charge of supervising other Security Officer across 22 hotel properties on the island.

Officer Brian Polanco is a great representative of our G4S team and during his years of service, he has proven to be an excellent Officer. In 2014, Brian was dispatched to a disturbance in a busy hotel lobby, he saw a person who was highly agitated. He attempted to speak to the man and de-escalate the situation, but the hotel guest remained uncooperative and frantic.

As Officer Polanco began to escort him out of the hotel lobby, the enraged man drew a flare gun and fired it at him, hitting his hand leaving burns and a broken finger. The flare ignited the lobby carpet as the man fled. Despite his injuries, Officer Polanco managed to extinguish the fire and to chase the man and detained him until police arrived.

Officer Polanco has recovered from his injuries and has returned to work for our client, a large hotelier in Honolulu.

Brian told us “I love working for G4S, because there are never two days alike; there is always something new going on.  Also, my Supervisor and our clients are very supportive of me. I enjoy working with my fellow Security Officers; there is a great team atmosphere here”.

Brian also told us, “If you want to work for G4S, you should know that you will always be part of a team”. Brian plans to continue working for G4S, and his ultimate goal is to become a General Manager for one of our branches.

Upscale Security Officer, Willie Johnson. G4S Security Officer of the Year 2015. Nashville, Tennessee.

Upscale Security Officer, Willie Johnson. G4S Security Officer of the Year 2014. Nashville, Tennessee

Willie is originally from Nashville; his father was enlisted in the U.S.  Army and he has lived all over the United States with his family. Willie finally came back to Nashville in 1999, and was working as a warehouse attendant.

Willie joined G4S in 2011; it was his first time working in the Security Industry.  Willie started as Security Officer in a large government building in Nashville. He has been part of the G4S team for four years, receiving numerous accolades and awards during his career and transferred to his current client site in 2013. His daily duties include patrolling a large corporate campus, and interacting with the client representatives and the public on a daily basis.

Security Officer Willie Johnson was on patrol around the perimeter of his worksite in Nashville, TN when he saw a vehicle on fire at the end of a road. He reported the situation to his supervisor and drove to the scene. Once he arrived on the dead-end road, Officer Johnson saw that the small fire had quickly accelerated and was engulfing the vehicle in flames. He notified emergency services and ran to the vehicle where he found a barely conscious woman injured in the driver’s seat.

Despite substantial personal risk, Officer Johnson dragged the woman from the car and away from the flames. Emergency crews arrived and took the woman to the hospital.  She has since fully recovered. Police later told G4S that the elderly woman had gone missing from a nearby assisted living facility and her family had been frantically searching for her.

Willie told us “Since I have been working for G4S, I have had many opportunities to help the public; I did what anybody else would have done in the same situation”.  Willie also mentioned that for anybody else interested in joining G4S “The company offers a lot of possibilities for growth, and there is a lot of experience that can be gained from working here. I have learned a lot from other security and emergency response professionals while working at G4S”.

Willie plans to continue working at G4S and he is open to any new opportunities that might come his way.