Our People

G4S is the largest private security provider in the world because there are great people working here. In this section, you can meet some of them, hear their stories and get to know them. These are not paid actors or models, just regular people who like the company they work for. More than 100,000 people in the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean work for G4S. With their help we provide security for government branches, Fortune 500 companies, nuclear power plants, petro-chemical companies, ports, airports, colleges and universities, hospitals, banks, residential communities and other businesses. Employees of G4S in the United States will tell you this company offers a lot of opportunities to grow in many directions. Some employees started in an entry-level position, and have moved up to management while helping others do the same. Many employees enjoy their current position and the job security we offer. They continue to be challenged by their day-to-day responsibilities and look forward to future opportunities. The G4S team helps protect property and people every day, but if you think we do security only, you are wrong. G4S employees participate in rehabilitation programs for minors on behalf of the government. G4S’ technology business provides systems that protect everything from small offices to the largest government branches. We also help other companies fight fraud and save money.  All employees are encouraged to participate in improving the communities where the live and work. With G4S there are opportunities that can take you from New York to Hong Kong and everywhere in between. You will get a chance to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. This diversity is what makes this company unique. Before you know it you will have friends all over the world. For now, you can start with the employees we feature in this section. At G4S we live by our Values ... 2017 G4S Values